Heal Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

Healing the symptoms of low self esteem; i.e., the abandonment issues, toxic shame, & contempt that typically come from growing up in a less-than-nurturing family is why I created these lifetime membership programs.

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Serenity Cafe’ Lifetime Membership Access

In the Serenity Cafe’, Thawing the Inner Family of Self (TIFS), and the Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues (TCAI) Membership Programs (Get them ALL in one with a Serenity Cafe’ Course Bundles), we’ve blended the most useful and effective techniques we have learned in our years of clinical experience. I combined the classics with some of the newest, most powerful personal transformation technologies available today to create this interactive process for personal healing and development.

These include Gestalt Psychology, Ego-State therapy, Inner Family Systems, Precision Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Transactional Analysis, Inner Child work, Parts Integration, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Schema Therapy, and many other models. This, of course, includes at the very core my own Iceberg Model.

How Does the Cafe’, TIFS, and/or TCAI Heal Symptoms of Low Self Esteem, Abandonment Issues, and Other Relationship Problems?

In some cases, highly motivated and organized individuals who are self-starters can use the tools in these programs on their own and achieve great results. For those folks, I have designed Audio & Video-based programs at the Serenity Cafe’ and TIFS. In the Cafe’ program, members have access to use or download all the books, audios, videos, and even all the other membership programs we offer – all for a one-time fee. They can work at their own pace, join an online coaching group, participate in the forums, chat with other members, download software, audio & video programs; and get free upgrades and new releases when they become available over the weeks and months ahead.

However, many of us, especially if we are new to healing the symptoms of low self-esteem, maybe too wounded and lack enough self-awareness to even know where to begin. In fact, one of the most common issues that must be healed first is the tendency to “fog-out” or dissociate whenever we begin to work on abandonment issues and other symptoms of low self-esteem. But combining the tools on the membership site with personal coaching speeds the process up considerably!

So, frequently, the full benefit of going through a process as outlined in some of the programs below and on the Serenity Cafe’ Lifetime Membership site can be more fully realized when the participant is joined with a coach who has knowledge and skill in the healing process. The very nature of the coaching relationship itself is what makes life coaching such a powerfully transformative process.

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