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Serving Holts Summit, Jefferson City, Fulton, and Columbia, Missouri

Virtual Groups and Individual Sessions

Online Coaching Sessions

Don and Angie offer online, HIPPA Compliant Secure Video Sessions which is powered by best in the industry web conferencing software. Don provides all the following in person or online:


  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
  • Small Group Coaching Online
  • Couples & Family Sessions
  • Webinars & Q&A Coaching Calls

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TheraFlix @ Serenity Cafe

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Carter Counseling & Coaching Staff

In their private practice, Don and Angie see clients in office as well as online. Don provides a wide range of therapies including standard and modified EMDR (modified for addictions), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ego-State Therapy, Inner Family Systems Therapy, and many other forms of psychotherapy. Angie provides many of these therapies in the context of addiction treatment with outpatient and intensive out-patient services (IOP) Don and Angie offer state of the art technologies such as HIPPA compliant video conferencing, direct messaging, online courses, and many other highly secure resources.

Don Carter MSW, LCSW

In addition to his private practice, Don is also on staff with Capital Region Physicians at the Center for Mental Wellness in Jefferson City, MO. Don has 30 years experience. His therapies include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Clinical Hypnosis, Addiction Therapy, Inner Family Systems, Ego-State Therapy, and Inner Child therapies.

Don provides In-Office and Online Therapy, Individual, Couples, Small Groups, Adults and Adolescents, Telephone, Chat, and Email Coaching. Don’s Specialties Include therapies to treat Addictions, Codependency, Adult/Child Syndrome; Mood Disorders such as Depression and Anxiety; and PTSD from Emotional, Sexual, and Physical Trauma.

Angie Carter CRADC, SAP

Angie is a certified substance abuse counselor. She has been an outpatient counselor, Director of a Recovery Center, and is now in private practice at Carter Counseling and Consulting Services. Angie has over 20 years experience. Her practice is focused in the area of Addiction Therapy.

Angie provides in-office and online sessions compatible with 12-steps models. such as 12-Step Recovery, Family Systems, Ego-State Therapy, and Inner Child Therapies. Angie’s specialties include all Chemical Dependency, Codependency, Adult/Child Recovery, Women in Recovery, and Addiction Intervention. She serves adults, adolescents, couples, and families.

Carter Counseling & Coaching Online Courses

Serenity Cafe Academy

At the Serenity Cafe Academy, we have built a huge library of online resources in various formats, including audio, video, online courses, documents, links to web pages, journaling assignments, interactive presentations, CBT activities, eBook downloads, and much more. At Serenity Cafe Academy alone there are enough resources to keep one person busy for years.

In addition to the Serenity Cafe Academy, you can also signup for TheraFlix @ Serenity Cafe for free online courses, audio, and videos (through December 31, 2023). Or check out Don’s Substack Page where you will find Don’s podcasts, books, articles, and media library.

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HIPPA Compliant Online Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

At Carter Counseling and Consulting Services clients have the convenience of a private HIPPA Compliant secure portal to arrange, reschedule, and cancel appointments in real-time. New clients can fill out the initial paperwork through their client portal prior to the first session. This saves time and money because it does not have to be done during the assessment. Clients can also pay for their sessions through the Client Portal with the same level of comfort when banking online because the encryption is the same as bank-level security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Insurance?

No, we do not pursue insurance reimbursement for several reasons. However, we can provide clients with a special invoice called a “Superbill” which has all the relevant information and is accepted by virtually all insurance companies (although they may deny the coverage)

Because we take self-pay clients only, we are able to keep our fees far below the Usual and Customary Rates (UCR). Other benefits include that your services are more discrete, confidential, and private because they don’t go into a national database as when you use insurance benefits.

How much do sessions cost?

Don Carter (Addiction and Mental Health Counseling or Coaching) Regular online and in-office sessions are the same rates of $120.00 USD per hour. (60-minute, and 90-minute sessions are available at a prorated fee.)

Angie Carter (Addiction Counseling) Regular online and in-office sessions are the same rates of $85.00 USD per hour. Contact Angie for information re: D.O.T. Evaluations. (30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute sessions are available at a prorated fee.)

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will be determined by your goal as well as the progress being made from one session to the next. Having said that, the average number of sessions per counseling episode is 12 to 14.

How do I know which technologies are best for me?

It is best to take advantage of our 20-minute free initial session. At the end of that session, your counselor or coach will be able to advise you on next steps and technologies that may be best suited for your goals. As a Carter Counseling and Coaching Services client, you will have access to all the resources we have to offer at no additional charge. This means we have all the resources at Serenity Creations Online , Serenity Cafe Academy, and at our disposal in helping you reach your goals.

With our Secure Online Client Portal, we can be connected in real time with HIPPA Compliant security. Don and Angie can draw on videos, audios, online courses, documents, worksheets, journaling activities, links to relevant web pages, and even direct messaging when you have questions or comments. Why wait until your next session and try to cram everything into a one-hour session? If the technology is there, then why not use it?

How do I know which therapy is best for me?

Usually, your therapist will have a number of therapy approaches to draw from. If what you’re doing is not working, you and/or your therapist may decide to try another approach.

How do I know which therapist is best for me?

During your initial assessment, you should get a good idea of whether or not you and the therapist will be a good fit. The therapist may decide to refer you to someone else if your issues fall outside of their expertise. If it doesn’t feel like you are well matched to your therapist, it is highly appropriate to ask for a referral to someone else.

How do online sessions work?

Online telemedicine video sessions work pretty much the same as regular face-to-face sessions. However, you are sitting in the comfort of your own home or office while your provider is sitting in the comfort of their own office. Just like one-on-one face-to-face sessions, there is a getting to know you stage which may include becoming familiar with the technology. Within a session or two, you should start to feel as connected as if you were in the same room together.

It is important to have a webcam and a good internet connection such as high-speed broadband internet. If that is not possible, then telephone sessions are the next best thing. Our TeleMedicine software is very versatile allowing us to share our screen, make presentations, conduct small groups, do couples counseling online, meet with family members in different locations, and share a whiteboard. We can train families who are spread out at various locations across the country on such topics as how to do an intervention with a loved. The opportunities and possibilities are unlimited.

How do I make an appointment?

To arrange an appointment, click the link below. It will take you to our secure online scheduler where you can set up your client portal. There you will be able to select Don or Angie as your provider. Next, you will select free initial consultation or another available session length. It is also helpful to fill out the initial paperwork online prior to your appointment so your therapist can review it and save time during your first session. If you prefer to contact us by phone, call one of the numbers below.

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How do I find your office?