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The Wounding Process was Developmental in Nature, This Developmental Recovery Process is Ideal for Healing. This book contains an interactive workbook integrating over 60 Audio programs that are designed to help release blocked emotions and resolve childhood grief & loss issues.
  • STOP living life in reaction
  • START living life on life's terms - proactively
  • STOP doing your pain in advance
  • START letting go of worries, anxieties, and fears
  • STOP re-experiencing painful emotional themes
  • START healing emotional triggers
Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues mimics the developmental processes of childhood. During the developmental stages of childhood, the emotional pain that accumulated during the first stage of development was carried forward as a foundation for the work of the second stage, then the combined pain from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for the experience of the third stage, etc. Similarly, the healing that accumulates as you work through the first stage is carried forward as a foundation for healing the second stage, then the combined healing from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for healing the third stage, etc. There is a strong focus on experiencing, integrating, and releasing the emotions of the past. For this reason, the program relies heavily on its many experiential audio programs to facilitate the emotional component of that healing process. What's Included and what you will learn...
  • This Package Contains three formats of the book and more than 60 MP3 Audios that are included with your downloads.
  • How the emotional wound of abandonment, the emotional infection of shame, and the emotional scab of contempt creates a counterfeit "False Self."
  • How to initiate emotional healing in all six developmental stages of childhood
  • How healing the first stage creates a foundation for healing the second stage
  • How a developmental recovery process mimics and reverses the wounding process
  • How the developmental tasks of each stage affect how we live and love
  • How to target the appropriate stage of development to heal the emotional roots of dysfunctional patterns in relationships
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