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Addiction Intervention may be the last resort, but frequently it is also the MOST effective option for families concerned about an addicted loved one who cannot see the reality of their situation. Trained in the Intervention process, pioneered by the Johnson Institute, Don and Angie Carter provide Intervention assessment, consultation, and training for families who are concerned enough to consider an Intervention. Don and Angie also coach families of addicted loved ones in the process so they can carry out their own Intervention. (See the list below for more details)

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What is Addiction Intervention?

A family intervention is a process where the support circle of family & friends who are concerned about the out-of-control addictive behavior of someone they love can intervene in the addiction. The denial system of an addicted person is so strong that it takes a well-prepared group of loved ones, educated about addiction & enabling, to break through and get them to accept treatment.

Addiction Intervention is a very powerful process designed to collapse the defenses of the addict, stripping them of their illusions about reality in an atmosphere of love so that they can come face to face with the wreckage addiction is causing in their life. It is important to have everything prepared from insurance/payment arrangements to transportation directly to the treatment center immediately upon completion of the intervention.

An Addiction Interventionist is a professional therapist who is trained in the process of intervention who can coach the family and friends, teach them about addiction & enabling, help them organize the intervention, take them through a dress rehearsal and, in some cases, even facilitate the actual process onsite. In many cases, a well-prepared family & support network can conduct the actual intervention themselves.

Don and Angie’s Intervention Services

Don and Angie Carter are professionally trained and experienced addiction interventionists. They offer a structured and caring approach to each family specific situation. Gathering information and talking to various family members and loved ones of the alcoholic/addict is the first step in determining which course of action would be the most appropriate.

Alcoholism and addiction are destructive illnesses not only affecting the alcoholic/addict but loved ones as well. Family members can experience feelings of anger, hopelessness, and despair, not to mention physical problems related to stress. The systematic approach that Don and Angie offer for an effective intervention include:

  • Meeting with key individuals of the alcoholics life ie. family members, close family friends, and possibly significant co-workers or boss, valued clergy, and children (if age appropriate)
  • Schedule family meeting sessions and gather all necessary facts and history
  • Provide the family with educational information on the disease of alcoholism and addiction
  • Provide resources on various treatment facilitates and assist in making arrangements
  • Assist each family member in constructing their “love letter” to the alcoholic/addict
  • Identify barriers or obstacles that could occur and how to respond
  • Assist each family member in constructing their “bottom line letter” to the alcoholic/addict
  • Provide the setting for a rehearsal intervention and guide each family through the process
  • Facilitate the actual intervention
  • Communicate with treatment facility about the individual’s progress and assist with aftercare follow up
  • Provide family members with counseling on boundary setting, communication skills, and codependency issues

SPECIAL NOTE: Follow-up studies indicate that a person who enters treatment after an intervention has a much better chance of staying clean & sober when they are discharged from treatment than someone who enters treatment on their own. It is believed that a well-organized and facilitated Intervention takes down the wall of denial BEFORE treatment begins, helping the person benefit from every day they are there. Otherwise, the person may have to spend precious treatment days dealing with and breaking through their denial.

If you would like assistance with organizing an Addiction Intervention or just want to discuss the process so you can decide if its right for you, please click the button below or contact us for more details about how we can help.


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